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Paradigm shift: Can rethinking how technology is used change how healthcare is delivered?

Technology is drastically changing how we live. This is particularly evident in healthcare, where technology like wearable devices such as Apple Watch give users updates on their health in real time. That same technology is opening up new avenues for healthcare organizations to connect with chronically ill patients. The Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) recently released Futurescan 2019-2024: Healthcare Trends and Implications, which looks at how technology reframes the way care is delivered and a number of other key issues.

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You are here: Wayfinding app improves hospital navigation

Getting lost in a hospital isn’t an uncommon experience. A report from 22Miles, a digital signage software company, found more than 30 percent of first-time visitors expressed confusion in finding locations within a hospital campus. The same report found 25 percent of staff members could not find some destinations within their own campuses. To combat this issue, more organizations are turning to wayfinding apps to navigate consumers from their home to the specific locations within the hospital.

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How to make your chatbot more human-like

Chatbots — a computer program or that has text or voice conversations — are redefining customer service, especially in healthcare. A 2017 Juniper Research study found that healthcare providers that use chatbots can expect average time savings of just over four minutes per inquiry, with average cost savings in the range of $0.50-$0.70 per interaction. While the success of the chatbot is often calculated in saved nickels and dimes, a bot’s ability to provide a “human-like” experience is also an important indicator of success.

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Is length of stay still a valid measure in a value-based world?

At the 2018 SHSMD Connections conference in Seattle, SHSMD convened a series of presentations on value as part of its “Value Initiative.” What does value mean for health care organizations? How can they achieve it? One of the presenters, Jessica Farrar, director of strategic planning and decision support at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Maryland, spoke about traditional metrics that don’t tell the whole story in a value scenario.

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Determinants of health

If you follow fitness instructors on social media, you hear a common refrain: Being healthy is a lifestyle, not a trend. In many ways, that is true. Multiple studies prove that dieting does not lead to long-term weight loss. But in some ways, that statement is completely incorrect. Sometimes being healthy has nothing to do with how many servings of fruits and vegetables you consume daily. 

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The major and the minor

I was speaking with a marketing veteran last week about passions, gifts, and goals. The conversation helped me process through blocks I have been having for quite some time — what is my next right step to turn my gifts and passions into measurable goals. But before we get to that, we have to go back.

I met Melanie, the marketing maven, during a career counseling session a couple of weeks ago. During the session, she gave me homework – answer 12 questions. One of which was: If you could do anything, what would you do?

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Charlie Sheen, TV quacks and armchair psychology

I’m concerned about Charlie Sheen. Like genuinely concerned. It’s not because he disclosed he is HIV positive. It’s not because as of late he looks like a character on The Walking Dead. It’s not because he went off his antiretrovirals to take an alternative treatment method (well I am concerned about that but not as much).

It’s because he clearly has a mental health issue and the people in his life that are supposed to protect him are putting him in a precarious position. 

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Finally someone is calling out Dr. Oz, but what about the others?

If you know me in my personal life, you know I have a strong distaste for Dr. Oz and “medical professionals” of that ilk. How someone who is respected in the medical community could degrade himself and his credentials in such a manner is beyond me. He’s like the Sham-wow guy or Mr. Set-it-and-forget-it without a catchphrase.

What’s alarming is he’s not the only one.

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